Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Physical Activity on a University Schedule, AT HOME WORKOUT!

 This exercise program was created by me in order to help students get back in shape without losing so much time at the gym.  It will only take about 15-20 minutes in the morning before your shower, and the 30-45 minutes during the day... you will notice a more energized and fit YOU! 

I will be posting, different daily workout schedules each night so that you can follow me and do it with me. If anyone has any questions; I can put up videos that will show you what each motion or movement is... all you have to do it ask. Please Enjoy! 

Day #1 

 1:00 downward dog
20 jacks
5 arm swing
10 squats
10 upper cuts
 25 wall push ups
 30 jacks
:30 sec tri stretch
 1:00 downward dog

Daily Workout: ARMS 
20 jacks
 10 cross-body arms swings
 :15 sec tricep stretch (each)
 10 incline push-ups
10 tricep dips
5 up-up-down-down planks
 5 burpees
 30 arm circles
10 tricep dips
 15 elbow- in wall push ups
  10 kneeling push-ups
 5 burpees
  3 cobra push-ups
 :30 sec tricep stretch (each)

Daily Workout: LEGS
10 forward lunges
10 plie jumps
10 reverse lunges
10 squat jumps
10 step ups
 10 leg lefts
10 single leg bridges 
10 leg lifts
   10 x 10 second wall sits 


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